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Multi-regenerating Set

Multi-Regenerating Set :
1 Multi-Regenerating Day cream  50ml
+ 1 Multi-Regenerating Night cream  50ml
+ 1 Multi-Regenerating Facial serum  50ml
+ 1 cosmetic sac (22.5*6*9cm)

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In these daily skincare, we used specifically the “Anti-age specific active”. From the latest advances in biotechnology, this active ingredient based on micro-algae brings the longevity benefits of this millennium blue-green algae. Endowed with an unique photo-protection system called thioredoxin that protects against free radicals, microalgae produces a revolutionary active ingredient that is a concentrate of original life: 
- It stimulates the synthesis of thioredoxin in the dermal and epidermal cells and delays skin ageing for a more youthful appearance. 
- It protects cell DNA, decreases cellular senescence and inhibits the formation of sunburn cells. 
- It reduces skin pigmentation and provides a lightening effect on mature skin. 
In addition, Multi-regenerating range uses a large number precious plant extracts and the best biological essences from around the world: natural hyaluronic acid, Cranberry extract, Raspberry seed oil, Red wine leaf extract, Thyme honey extract, Ginseng extract, Lotus flower extract, Rice extract etc. 
These complexes provide the biological solution to the most delicate and tired skin because of external aggressions. Firmer, smoother, the skin regains its softness, suppleness and elasticity. 
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Multi-Regenerating Day Cream
Multi-regenerating day cream nourishes and protects the skin while providing strength and elasticity for a prolonged youthful appearance. With the power of Anti-age specific active, Hyaluronic acid, Argan oil, Ginseng, Lotus flower, Rice, Poppy, Cranberry and Raspberry extracts, ageing signs are gradually delayed. Your toned skin regains its natural radiance and a youth appearance.
Multi-Regenerating Night Cream
Rich in antioxidants and firming agents, Multi-regenerating night cream repairs and helps to prevent skin ageing. Anti-age specific active, Hyaluronic acid and plants extracts gradually correct signs of ageing and restore skin’s elasticity, tone and radiance during sleep. 

Multi-Regenerating Facial Serum
Enriched with active hyaluronic acid and plants extracts that help skin ageing fight. Multi-regenerating facial serum prevents dryness and protects from environmental assaults. This genuine care, suitable for sensitive skins, corrects visible wrinkles, nourishes and protects by providing firmness and softness. Skin is illuminated and regains its youth tone. 


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